New Zealand visa medical examination

List of documents required.

Original passport. + Two clear Xerox copy of the passport Information page as well as address page.

Before coming for your medical examination, you must know what your visa medical requirement is. It may be General Medical, Limited Medical, or Radiology Examination (X Ray) only.

Candidates are requested to fill the appointment section in the website so that the visa category information, is available to us at the time of the medical.

What to carry for the medicals.

Carry medical reports / discharge cards pertaining to any surgeries or hospitalisation.

List of medications (Prescription) for medicines that are consumed daily. We also require that you carry the medicines (Strips or bottles) that you take so that they can be reviewed by the examining doctor.

If you have any chronic ailments, or have suffered from Tuberculosis you may carry the treatment summary from your treating doctor to help speed up the medical process. For prior surgeries please carry the discharge summaries if available.

If you use spectacles / lenses please carry them to the medical. For lenses you will be required to remove them to ascertain your vision without correction.

What to expect at the time of the medicals.

The medical will include a physical examination. You will need to undress for this examination. Ladies when examined by a male doctor will be provided a lady chaperon.

A urine test will be required for all above the age of 5 years. Ladies in their menstrual cycle should postpone the medicals till it is over. In case they come when it is on they will have to return for a repeat test after it is over.

A blood test will be done for all applicants who are 15 yrs or older. This test does not require you to be fasting.

Basic vision tests.

X Ray chest for all above 11 years of age.

Height / Weight examination.

Breast examination for women above the age of 45 years.

Time period of examination and results.

The medical examination is likely to require two to three hours to complete.

The results will be uploaded via E medicals, usually within 48 hrs. This may be delayed if further reports are needed to be provided. If you require them to be uploaded urgently in special cases, you may approach the doctor for this at the time of the medicals.

Pregnant women are advised to bring their latest Sonography report confirming pregnancy, or a report from their treating gynaecologist confirming pregnancy and the expected date of delivery, at the time of the medical or a serum Beta HCG report confirming pregnancy. Their X ray will be automatically differed at the time of the medical, when they provide the above mentioned documents.

Important Reminder :

Minors (17 years old and below) must be accompanied by their parent or by a legal guardian who has thorough knowledge of the child's medical history.

Cost Of the Medical :

Certificate Rate Exam Rates

General medical certificate

14 years of age or younger

501 - Medical

INR ?3000


If the client Is 15 years of age or older and younger than 70


716-Hepatities C


707 HIV

704-Serum creatinine?

712-Syphilis test

708-Hapatitis B?

718-Full blood count

INR? 6000


If the client is 70 years of age or older.

501 - Medical?

707 - HIV

717 - HbA1C?

712 - Syphilis test

704 - Serum creatinine?

718 - Full blood count

708 - Hepatitis B

901 - Mini Mental Exm.

716 - Hepatitis C

INR? 6000

Limited medical certificate

If the client is 14 years of age or younger

512 - Limited medical

INR? 3000


If the client is 15 years of age or older

512 - Limited medical
704 - Serum creatinine
718 - Full blood count

INR? 3350

Supplementary medical certificate

X – ray certificate

Client must be 15 years of age or older.

707 - HIV

INR??? 650


Client must be 11 years of age or older

502 - X-ray

INR??? 700

If any further tests are required at the time of the medical, due to any abnormalities noted, those tests will be charged extra.