UK TB Test

List of Document required

Original passport and 2 Xerox copy of passport 2 Passport size photograph

What to carry to the medicals

List of documents mentioned above.
UK Address
Present residential address
Visa category
If there is prior history of TB, old x ray report and treatment reports, if available should be bought along.

What to expect at the time of the medicals :

The medical includes a brief physical examination along with a questionnaire on prior tuberculosis history, or current symptoms of Tb.
Children below the age of 11 years will require a physical examination only. If signs or symptoms of Tb are noted they may require an X Ray chest.
Candidates who are identified with signes of Tb on X Ray may be required to undergo sputum AFB smear and culture tests. When these are indicated toe report will not be available before eight to nine weeks.

Candidates identified with active Tb on X Ray or on culture examination will not be issued a certificate. They will be directed to go for treatment.

Time period of the examination and reports :

The examination requires approximately 2 hrs. The reports are available the same evening or the next day. If an urgent report is required in special circumstances, you can speak to the front desk about it.

Pregnant women :

Pregnant women who wish to undergo this medical should first check with their gynaecologist about the ill effects of an X ray examination. If they do not wish to carry out the X ray, they can postpone their immigrant visa medical till after the delivery. If they are ready to carry out the X Ray examination they will need to sign a consent form for the X ray. They will undergo the chest x ray with protective gear provided at the clinic (double lead shield covering of the abdomen).

Pregnant women can also opt to not carry out the X Ray examination, and to do a Sputum AFB Culture examination with the physical examination. The sputum examination will be charged extra. The results of this examination will take eight to nine weeks to complete.

Cost of the examination :

INR 2500/- per candidate. Sputum cultures if required are extra.